More Green Space!

14 Apr

Holy Moly!  On Thursday best friend at work, Anne of Green Gables, showed me another park I never knew existed!  When we got to the park, we were so excited to fly our model airplanes and play hardball.  We laughed and skipped up the path to the park, but as we rounded a corner our hearts sunk when we saw this sign:

Really?  As we strolled along, we almost made two friends.  The first guy was a retired Sumo wrestler who ran away when we tried to be his friend. “Hey!” We shouted after him, “Get back here! We’ve got questions!”  He never came back though.

Then we tried to be friends with this lady, who just ignored us and did her fascinating exercises.  Anne of Green Gables tried shaking her, but she wouldn’t wake up, so we kept walking.

Some boys yelled “Hey Lady, get our ball!” at one of us, so Anne of Green Gables ran and got their ball and threw it at them.  Just afterward, she told me she thought she should have thrown it in the street so we could have had a more exciting caper.  Anne is always getting into all kinds of mischief.  Instead, Anne decided to force a flower to be our friend, so she ripped a branch off a coral tree and played with the flower..

until she screamed and threw it on the ground because she imagined a spider on it.  “It was huge and the color of sand!” she squealed.  Anne’s always making things up.  It wasn’t a thrilling lunch break caper, and we failed to make new friends, but it was still pretty exciting to see a brand new grassy place.


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