Farewell Lunch

9 Apr

Today we had a farewell lunch for a co-worker.  We exchanged stories about him and everyone laughed.  At one point, everybody joined in singing Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer.  Everybody thought about what a shame it was that we didn’t do this more often, and how we waited until someone’s very last day to tell special stories about him.

But then, it’s unrealistic.  Most days, people can’t get away from their desks at the same time, and many run errands on their lunch hour, and it feels a little weird to sit around and tell special stories about somebody right in front of their face. Unless it’s a wedding.  Or a funeral, in which case, they aren’t really there (at least scientifically speaking).  I swear, people spend half their lives sitting around imagining what people will say about them at their wedding or at their funeral.  We should all just throw each other work farewell parties every once in a while.

I ate a bbq pulled pork sandwich and some asian slaw.  The sandwich was delicious. The slaw was alright, too.  Asian slaw is a terrible name for a dish.

Here is a picture of my sandwich:

The restaurant was in the middle of a business park with no businesses in it.. except the restaurant.  So it feels either top secret, or abandoned.  It’s on top of a wetland where an old Indian burial ground once was.  When I walked to my car I looked up and saw a cloud with a hole in it, and then I went back to work.

Here is a picture of it:


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